MEADOWSWEET FLOWERS Touch of Nordic Summers

Filipendula Ulmaria Flower Extract

Meadowsweet oil extract is used as perfuming, skin-conditioning, astringent and soothing extract in cosmetics and personal care. Meadowsweet oil extract has subtle sweet scent of endless Nordic summers, and it is typically used as functional perfuming component in oil-based formulations. Relaxing oil works in various applications from massage and body care products to relaxing night creams and serums.

Meadowsweet flower extract is fragrant relaxing and soothing ingredient for face, body & hair care products. 

Meadowsweet has been traditionally used to treat various ailments due to their antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The efficacy of these plants is mainly due to their phenolic content, which includes salicylates. These salicylates such as salicin in willow and salicylaldehyde in meadowsweet are precursors of salicylic acid. Both meadowsweet and willow played an important role in the development of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) as salicylic acid was first isolated from the flowers of meadowsweet and the bark of the willow in 1838. Other phenolic compounds present in both herbs include flavonoids (e.g. quercetin) and tannins.