BRIGHTENING ANTIOXIDANTS Lingonberry Arbutin Extract 0.5


Looking for natural anti-aging ingredients for cosmetics? LINGONBERRY-ARBUTIN EXTRACT 0.5 contains natural lignans, flavonoids, vitamins and β-arbutin, compounds which protect and brighten skin naturally. Rich antioxidant extract has colour-corrective, lightening and anti-redness benefits. 

Colour correction & natural brightening effects

Strong antioxidant

Natural & organic

Pink to beige natural colour for your formula

Lingonberry (vaccinium vitis-idaea ) is deep pearly red Arctic delicacy rich in fibres and minerals and truly a natural power package. This distant cousin of a cranberry contains more flavonoids and lignans than any other wild berry and twice the amount of phenols found from cranberries. Antioxidant potential has been verified in various studies, and high ORAC-values have been measured from the berries. The processing method is an unique result from 10 years of work among extraction of natural arbutin. Extract is sourced from Lapland of Scandinavia, where berries are gathered from Organic Certified forests.

Natural skin brightening antioxidant