PRESS RELEASE | New co-operation agreement with Korean beauty care company


Aekyung Industry, a Korean household item and beauty care company, has signed co-operation agreement with Fingredient, a Finnish Health Ingredient supplier. Fingredient offers Nordic natural plant-based ingredients for cosmetics, personal care & food supplement manufacturers created by using wild berries, herbs and other botanicals from unique Nordic nature. New toothpaste brand to be launched in Korean markets will contain FLAVANTI® Pine Bark Extract manufactured by Fingredient in Finland. With this product launch, Aekyung is driving towards greener oral care.

"Through this MOU, we plan to bring excellent oral care products to our customers(Aekyung Industry official)

Pine Bark Extract is among the most studied botanicals in health ingredient sector and a classical botanical food supplement. Now it is  trending in cosmetics and oral care sector, and not without a good reason: Research has demonstrated its efficacy, safety, and broad therapeutic potential. Ingredient works well in various product applications and is easy to formulate with. Raw material for Fingredients extract comes from Lapland of Finland. Arctic pines are carefully peeled and material processed in optimal temperatures. The aim is to maintain natural antioxidants and phytochemicals and avoid losing these valuable compounds during the processing.

In a country where over 70% of total land area is covered in forests, biomaterials are important export products. With creativity, innovation, and research, new products can be developed from vast number of biomaterials that Finnish nature offers. The World largest organic wild collection area, approximately 12.2 million hectares, is situated in Finland. Almost all forests in Finland could be organic certified without any changes in current forest management according Ruralia Institutes research. Responsibly sourced green materials have lots of potential in global markets, and customer demand for greener products is increasing exponentially. Our duty here in Finland is to make sure that we respect our valuable natural resources and source them in sustainable way.

For more information, please contact:

Elina Siivari / Marketing and Media at Fingredient Ltd. +358405674742