Advanced anti-aging, moisture & anti-hyperpigmentation

Pine Bark Extract is among the most studied botanical extracts of all time. Pine Bark Extract has been studied extensively in beauty-within products (oral) as a skin care supplement, but clinical and pre-clinical evidence suggests similar skin care benefits in percutaneous applications. Antioxidant properties have been clearly demonstrated in various assays and trials. Pine Bark extract demonstrated potential against inflammatory skin disorders in human keratinocyte cell line and was shown to downregulate certain genes which are known to be upregulated in psoriasis and various dermatoses, and in oral clinical trials calming effects against skin disorders have been reported. PBE is generally well tolerated and widely used as a supplement.

Pine Bark extract was also reported to reduce UV-induced pigment changes and help to combat photoaging, the major mechanisms behind wrinkles and visible signs of aging. OPCs boost collagen production. PBE also inhibits MMPs which destroy collagen and elastin.