Fingredient is a family-owned biotech start-up founded in 2013. The company is based in Finland. Since 2013, company has manufactured and marketed natural health ingredients and botanicals sourced from Scandinavia. 

Fingredient was founded in 2013 as a biotech family start-up - Company celebrated its 5th  year anniversary in 2018. Since 2013, Fingredient has manufactured, distributed and marketed Nordic health ingredients for local and international businesses and provided R&D and consulting services for companies interested in creating novel health ingredients and developing their processes and products. 

Fingredient aims at creating and providing health ingredients that are efficient, safe and sustainable, Business-to-Business. Company has since its beginning actively taken part in various public research projects and co-operates with local research and educational institutions. Offices and manufacturing unit are located in Tampere, Finland


Dr. Jari Siivari

CEO, Founder - Research & Development

The founder of the company is Dr. Jari Siivari (Ph.D. in Chemistry) who has operated in the industry for many years, participated in the research and development of the business field and has long experience and special expertise in herbal chemistry. Dr. Jari Siivari started working with Nordic natural raw materials more than 20 years ago, and today uses his wide network and experience in the field in order to help clients and partners develop novel products and processes.


Elina Siivari

Junior Partner - Marketing & client services

Elina Siivari (BSc, International Business Administration), is the co-founder and junior partner, and represents the second-generation in family business. She continues studies in Master´s Degree Programme specialised in Sustainable Business Management, and helps clients with marketing and legislation related challenges.